About us


     The Institute of Geological Survey of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (Hereinafter the IGS) was established in May of 2000 and it is one of the earliest geological survey institutes of universities in China. Over the past two decades, our institute has arrived at the top rank of geological survey institutes in China with capabilities of scientific and technological innovation, undertaking major national geological survey projects and educating high-level geological survey talents. It has carried out a large number of exploratory research and innovative practices in fields of basic geology, mineral resources, hydrogeology, engineering geology and environmental geology, which intend to meet national strategies. It has achieved a series of internationally advanced achievements. Till now, more than 1700 geological survey projects has been accomplished by the IGS, and the total fund is nearly 1.4 billion yuan.

Our professional capacity is generally recognized as a pioneer of college geological surveys. In 2012, our institute passed the A level evaluation on the capacity of college geological surveys, organized by the Geological Survey of China. In 2016 and 2019, as the only college geological survey, our IGS archived awards of advanced units of the Geological Survey of China.

Over the past two decades, professional capacity of IGS has been continuously improving, including financial management, project management, security management, archives management, geological specimens management, etc. Additionally, the IGS has 13 kinds of qualifications with Grade A, including the fields of regional geology, hydrogeology, environmental geology, engineering geological survey, solid minerals, liquid minerals, gas minerals, geophysical, geochemical, remote sensing geological exploration, geological disaster management etc. Also it owns full quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system which meet the requirements of GB/T19001-2016, GB/T24001-2016, and GB/T45001-2020. The IGS owns an independent experimental technology center, with more than 100 sets of instruments and equipment which worth more than 20 million yuan.

Over the past two decades, the IGS has undertaken a large number of projects about geological survey relevant standards and technical demonstration entrusted by China Geological Survey which lead the development direction of national geological survey science and technology. Summarily, it has achieved 14 National science and technology awards (8 of them were the first completion unit). Within them, "Major breakthrough on geological theory innovation and prospecting at Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" archived the Special award of the National Science and technology progress award in 2011. Additionally, 128 provincial and ministerial awards (63 of them were the first completion unit), including 48 first prizes were obtained; 14 Geological science and technology (achievements) awards of China Geological Survey, including 4 first prizes were obtained; 10 Excellent map awards of China Geological Survey, including 1 Special excellent award and 2 the first prizes were obtained; 28 awards of the Geological Society and other academic associations, including 1 special award and 13 first prizes were obtained.


Students education

In 2011, the IGS started to educate graduate students. Currently, it has five majors for doctoral students: Geology, Mineral survey and exploration, Hydrogeology, Geological engineering and mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral deposits. It also has four majority majors for graduate students: Geology, Hydrogeology, Geological resources and geology engineering, and Resources and environment. It has a high-level group with best teachers and experts from our university and China Geological Survey. Currently, there are 74 teachers in our institute, including 43 professors and 31 associate professors.

The idea of ‘produce, study and research’ has been combining to student education all the time in our institute, and we explored and established a unique university-bureau cooperative teaching mode. In recent years, 27 graduate students were sent to the Wuhan Center of China Geological Survey, Xi’an Center of China Geological Survey and other bureaus for further education, and 33 graduate students were sent to the Wuhan Center of China Geological Survey for practical training.

In the last five years, nearly 500 graduate students joined the national projects from the China Geological Survey, which offered good opportunities to improve and enhance their practical and innovative abilities.

Laboratory Center of Geological Survey

Laboratory Center of Geological Survey, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) has been constructed since 2013. It is a scientific research platform, with a goal of "building a top-level geological survey research institute, leading the direction of science and technology development in geological survey, striving for high level geological survey achievements, and cultivating high-quality geological survey talents". It has a group of experienced full-time (part-time) experts and technical personnel, as well as a group of graduate students engaged in supporting work. Adhering to the motto of our university: "Hard work, Realistic and pragmatic" and in strict accordance with the requirements of "precision, science and efficiency", we strive to provide reliable technical support for the investigation and research on natural resources.

The management system of the laboratory center meets the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and owns the certification of China Metrology Accreditation (170021042798). In accordance with the relevant international and Chinese standards and specifications, it provides water quality testing, soil testing, rock and mineral analysis, paleontological identification and geophysical survey services.